Hey! I’m Pearlyn. I was born in Hong Kong as a British National Overseas citizen—sadly, no British accent. Since I was nine years old, I knew I wanted to be a designer. I remember staring intensely at a family-shared Windows ’95 computer in a narrow Hong Kong apartment. Because I was confused by Minesweeper, I doodled in Microsoft Paint instead.

Since then, I have met mentors through interning and working at SYPartners, Wolff Olins, and Whitewall Magazine, who have been generous with instilling creative knowledge in my noggin. Calm, cool, collected in the way they led, they’ve inspired me to spearhead initiatives such as TEDxACCD.

Today, I believe in a future where the digital space and the physical world interplay seamlessly. Wayfinding devices worn on shoulders; smart rooms that detect the collective mood of those inside it; oscillating walls that breathe fresh air into buildings. Basically, anything beyond the screen.

I’m currently a visual experience designer at Local Projects in New York.

Resumé and references available upon request.
ArtCenter College of Design, BFA in Graphic Design with distinction
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Instagram: @pearlyn.pl
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